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  • World YoYo Contest 2023

    World YoYo Contest 2023

    Event Time : 17th-20th August
    Event Location : Osaka Japan

    2023-09-05 More
  • Central Java Yoyo Gathering2023

    Central Java Yoyo Gathering2023

    Event Time : 24th June
    Event Location : Central Java

    2023-06-08 More
  •  The UK National YoYo Contest 2023

    The UK National YoYo Contest 2023

    Event Time : 29th April
    Event Location : UK

    2023-05-23 More
  •  The Canada National YoYo Contest 2023

    The Canada National YoYo Contest 2023

    Event Time : May 21ST
    Event Location : Canada

    2023-05-23 More
  • Japan Yo-Yo League 2023

    Japan Yo-Yo League 2023

    Event Time : From 29th January to 18th March
    Event Location : WJ,CJ,SJ,EJ,NJ

    2023-05-16 More
  • INYC2023


    Event Time : From 20th May to 21th May

    Event Location : Indonesia

    2023-05-15 More
  • Japan Yo-Yo Federation 2023

    Japan Yo-Yo Federation 2023

    Event Time : From 13th May to 14th May

    Event Location : Japan

    2023-05-15 More
  • Tieba Contest 2023

    Tieba Contest 2023

    比赛时间:3月6日 - 4月9日

    2023-05-10 More

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